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Welcome to celltell! I am Kenny! When I first got started with one of my blogs (no not this one), after I got the domain name I liked, I got web hosting sorted and I installed wordpress. Sometime after when I realized that people actually…

top ten list

Create deep list articles that help drive sales

One of the most common types of articles on the blogosphere are ‘Top 10′ types of articles. These are very popular because they are very easy to scan. Most people reading the internet don’t have all the time in the world, they are looking for…

Your blog post titles can kill or skyrocket your sales

For many bloggers, the whole idea of spending half an hour or even an hour or two just thinking about the title of a blog post seems, well, a waste. For many bloggers, the focus should be on the actual body of the blog post….


How to create product reviews that get results

If you have ever wondered why there seems to be an oversupply of product review sites or product review blog posts on the Internet, rest assured, it’s not just you. There is an absolute oversupply of this type of content on the world wide Web…

use visitor stats to decide what to make money from

Use your stats to find the right products to sell

If you already have a blog, congratulations! You’ve already overcome one of the hardest parts of making money online-getting started. You’d be surprised as to how many people are thinking of making money with their own blog or website but can’t seem to put up…